Top 3 Apple Watch Charging Stands/Docks

11 Mar Top 3 Apple Watch Charging Stands/Docks

The Apple Watch has yet to release and as expected manufacturers are already coming out with accessories for the watch. Today we will explore some of the quality Apple Watch charging stands/stations/docks third-party vendors are already producing.

Composure Apple Watch Charging Dock

Rest Composure Charging Dock

The charging dock, made by Rest, named Composure is an elegant block of walnut top wood. The charging mechanism is placed into the wood and you simply rest your watch on top of the flat surface. The subtle yet sophisticated design will set you back $94. However, right now they are taking preorders at a discounted price of $79. Check out the the Companion charging dock here.

Griffin WatchStand

Griffin Apple Watch Charging Stand

Griffin has released a charging stand for the Apple Watch that also serves as a stand for your iPhone. The design hides the charging cable and allows you to simply rest your watch on top of the dock to charge. The charging comes in a black glossy finish and adds a classy charm to any bedroom. Check out the Griffin WatchStand here.

DODOcase Charging Stand

Dodo Apple Watch Charging Stand

DODOcase has created a luxurious charging stand for the Apple Watch that features a rich walnut finish. It is handcrafted in California and made with local wood. The stand hides in the charging wire on the back of the device and features a base that you can rest your Apple Watch on to charge. The retail price is $80-100 but you can preorder yours for $69.95. Check out the DODOcase charging stand here.

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